AI-ML in Drug Discovery Summit


The AI-ML: Drug Discovery Summit – the industry’s leading R&D AI event – returns in 2021, with brand-new case studies, cutting-edge discussions, and industry-shaping debates to help you overcome your data quality, standardization, and sharing challenges.

January 26, 2021 to January 28, 2021

Ethics of AI in Context

By Centre for Ethics at University of Toronto


Whose Intelligence? Whose Ethics?: Ethical Pluralism and Postcolonial Computing. With the unprecedented advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the last decade, several ethical concerns AI technologies have also emerged.

January 26, 2021




Over two days, the Ai4 2021 Cybersecurity Summit brings together business leaders and data practitioners to facilitate the adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. Join us at industry’s most impactful AI for cybersecurity event.

February 3, 2021 to February 4, 2021

WAI Awards 2021 Australia – New Zealand

By Women in AI


The WAI Awards 2021 will honour the top Australian and New Zealand female innovators in AI: the pioneers who are taking the road less travelled; the women who are paving the way for others to reach even further and for those who dare to dream even bigger. Applications close 14th December 2020.

February 23, 2021

ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (ACM FAccT)

By Association for Computing Machinery


A computer science conference with a cross-disciplinary focus that brings together researchers and practitioners interested in fairness, accountability, and transparency in socio-technical systems.

March 20, 2021

Intelligence Augmentation: AI Empowering People to Solve Global Challenges

By The Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence is poised to change every sector of the economy. How do we ensure that this technology will augment, not replace, humans? During HAI’s spring conference, scholars and industry professionals in the fields of healthcare, education, art, transportation, and others will discuss how AI technology can best support (and not disrupt) humans as they approach these critical global challenges.

March 25, 2021

CodeX FutureLaw 2021

By Stanford Law School

USA, Stanford

On April 8, 2021, CodeX – The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics hosts CodeX FutureLaw 2021, the ninth annual conference focusing on the way technology is changing the legal profession and the law itself, and the way these changes affect us all. CodeX FutureLaw 2021 brings together the academics, entrepreneurs, lawyers, investors, policymakers, and engineers spearheading the tech-driven transformation of our legal system.

April 8, 2021

IGCAI 2021


The 1st International Congress for the Governance of AI (ICGAI), convened by the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs and the World Technology Network, hosted by and thanks to the generosity of the City of Prague, in association with many other prominent partners. ICGAI will bring together representatives of governments, industry, international organizations, universities, research centers, leaders of underserved nations and communities, and other stakeholders in the AI space. ICGAI is a collaborative initiative directed at establishing an agile and comprehensive governance framework for artificial intelligence.

May 13, 2021 to May 15, 2021