Editorial policy and ethical standards
Editorial policy

All the contents curated and shared on The Good AI website are dedicated to bringing awareness, informing, educating, connecting people, and nurturing projects using Artificial Intelligence for Good and/or contributing to build a framework for a responsible use of AI. 

We focus mainly on areas where AI can help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

Accessibility, Biology & Life Sciences, Culture & Arts, Cybersecurity, Democracy & Civil Rights, Diversity & Inclusion, Earth, Education, Energy, Ethics & Trust, Food Security & Agriculture, Governing & Public Sector, Health & WellBeing, Human Rights, Information, Internet Safety, Justice, Mobility, Policy & Regulation, Peace & Geopolitics, Security, Work & Economic Growth.

The Good AI is a collaborative venture :

  • We encourage our readers to suggest any resource they think can help. A link is available at the bottom of Education, Community and Events pages to do so.     
  •  We work with an international team of brilliant contributors sharing our vision and providing high-level analysis and insights. 

We reserve the right not to publish contents which would not fit within our editorial policy or would not respect our ethical standards, and remind that the opinions expressed in the publications are strictly those of the authors.

Ethical Standards

We believe Artificial Intelligence should be used for the greater good of society and promote fairness, equity and inclusion. These are also the principles and values that we undertake to apply and promote every day.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion are deeply rooted into our DNA. 

Being able to gather people with different genders, backgrounds and experience is not only a must-have to bring the world closer together thanks to AI, but a real privilege that we cherish every day.

The Good AI is committed to build a diverse team of people and contributors while creating an inclusive culture of respect, openness and care. 

We equally undertake to show a fair and diverse representation of people and talents on our website.


We attempt to curate and share content (news, publications, courses, programs, guidelines, toolkits, organization, project, people, talents and jobs) without external influence from our partners and members.

The Good AI contributors commit to avoid any potential conflict of interest nor receive any gifts in return for coverage. The Good AI contributors who plagiarise or knowingly provide false information for publication are not tolerated.

We reserve the right to refuse or delete any contents which would not respect our editorial policy or our ethical standards. 

Current contributors are listed on our Contributors page.


We collect and manage user data according to the following Privacy Policy.

These guidelines are reviewed and updated regularly.