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At The Good AI, we are empowering organizations and talent that use Artificial Intelligence to help deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals and transition toward a more responsible and circular business. We are AI professionals, entrepreneurs, scientists, business leaders, policymakers, students and many more committed to leveraging the power of AI to serve our people and our planet. 

AI and technology are our leverage for good: it’s about legacy, it’s about choice, it’s about meaning and hope. 

We believe we are at a crossroads of our civilization. While we are facing an unprecedented climate & biodiversity crisis, we are also building the foundations of a world powered by AI, and we share the urgency to act wisely and responsibly.

AI is a powerful technology that can process an infinite amount of data, identify some complex patterns, predict trends & events, and recommend solutions – some of them we, as human beings, would have never been able to provide on our own. It can help solve complex and urgent problems, and we want to acknowledge this amazing power in our hands. Rather than wasting our time making people relentlessly click on ads, let’s address the climate crisis and empower underserved communities thanks to AI technologies.

AI is everywhere, leaving its permanent mark. There is no doubt the way we design and deploy it will impact every aspect of our society. It is our responsibility to make sure we build fair and inclusive AI systems, without leaving anyone behind. 

Through Artificial Intelligence, we have the fantastic opportunity to redefine our path and rethink our evolution as a society.

We go further, and believe the AI revolution is offering us a very unique opportunity in history to shape a society that really celebrates human rights at its core. For instance, by embedding values and principles of fairness and inclusiveness into algorithms, we can mitigate biases based on age, race, color, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, & political opinion, hence improving access to healthcare, work, education, justice, finance, housing, food and water for all. 

We’re excited, yet we know it will require a village to make it happen together with drive, pragmatism, talent, collaboration, creativity and humility.

AI with a purpose: for the planet, for equity, for fairness, for human rights

That’s why by joining The Good AI we commit to using AI with a purpose; to enable and help companies achieve their sustainability goals with a particular focus on 5 impact areas :

  • Climate & Biodiversity
  • Future of work
  • Circularity
  • Tracking of ESG data
  • Responsible use of AI

We aim to foster the right ecosystem by shaping our action into 4 great pillars:

  • Growing and empowering a community of passionate people who believe in the power of collaboration;
  • Accelerating initiatives already in place, such as startups and nonprofits;
  • Inspiring change makers, business leaders and policymakers to envision a responsible use of AI, and providing access to knowledge and education around this technology;
  • Give the opportunity to shape a more inclusive & fairer society, as we trust the young generation as well as women and minorities to take part in defining new models. 

More than a tool, we envision the development of Artificial Intelligence as a global society project, built around a community of strong, sustainable, and positive values. We are very optimistic that we can make a huge difference, because we are numerous, and driven. We are excited for you to join us!

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