A third of US healthcare organizations yet to adopt AI

A report, highlighting the extent to which artificial intelligence is being adopted within US healthcare organizations, has revealed that a third of the market is still not yet engaging with AI.

The survey-based research project conducted by AI Champions Connect in association with leading prescriptive clinical AI company, Jvion, found that 33% of respondents were not yet utilizing AI.

The report also highlighted the decision-making process involved, the areas in which companies hope to see the greatest impact and how the payer and provider markets differ in their approaches.

The results showed that there are four main ways in which organisations make decisions: C-suite-led, committee-led, physician-led and research-led – with most decisions being led by the C-Suite and/or senior-level committee.

When asked where they saw AI helping most within their organization, 53% of respondents said it was the clinical performance that saw the greatest application with operational aspects including revenue cycle management (18%) and staffing (13%) also represented.


  • In terms of adoption, there is still a third of the market that is not yet engaging with AI.
  • Just under half are actually working on AI projects, with 20% already in deployment.
  • Clinical performance is seen as the area where AI can help the most, with patient experience also in the top four.
  • However, buying decisions tend to be led by the desire for immediate ROI, and typically this can more easily be achieved in back office functions such as RCM and staffing.
  • There is little consistency around tech/innovation buying decisions.
  • Although these decisions are typically led by the C-Suite and/or senior-level committee.
  • COVID-19 has not had a demonstrable impact on the adoption of AI.

AIMed CEO Freddy White said; “This report demonstrates the complexities around deployment and procurement of AI. There are many stakeholders involved, making it more complicated and time consuming but, in the long run, that should also ensure a more successful adoption and implementation.”

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AI Champions Connect is a new strategic platform developed to facilitate communication and collaboration between innovators, healthcare practitioners and other key stakeholders to help drive forward the development and deployment of artificial intelligence in healthcare. Jvion, a key clinical AI company, are a founding and invaluable supporting member.


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