How Can Europe Enhance the Benefits of AI-Enabled Health Care?


With advances in artificial intelligence (AI), the health-care industry is moving into an era of accelerated innovation. Health-care and pharmaceutical companies are offering solutions that can help in the discovery of new drugs and vaccines, address the uneven ratio of skilled doctors to patients, assist health-care professionals in complex procedures, and deliver safe, convenient, and effective personalized health care to patients. But for AI to reach its full potential in this sector, an enabling regulatory environment is critical to address the insufficient adoption of the technology, the lack of digital skills, and the need to create greater understanding about how the health-care sector develops and applies AI technologies.

How is the health-care sector using AI to enhance the accessibility, sustainability, and quality of health care? Can the Commission’s proposed approach to AI work in the health-care sector? And more broadly, how can Europe create a conducive regulatory environment that encourages the development and use of the technology and facilitates access to data as health care moves into the digital age?

Join the Center for Data Innovation to discuss what the health-care sector needs to create a positive impact and increase innovation using AI.

Date and Time:

  • February 4, 2021, from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM (CET)


  • Ander Elustondo Jauregui, Policy Officer Digital Health (AI, data and digital health services) and Yiannos Tolias, Legal Officer, European Commission’s DG SANTE
  • Chris Walker, Chair of the Working Group on Digital Health, EFPIA, and Vice President, European R&D, Head of Regulatory Affairs & UK Sites Head, Amgen

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